Jon Hopkins – Emerald Rush

A fun Studio-Ghibli-influenced video for the new Jon Hopkins.  His last album ‘Immunity’ and live show in Portland was one of my top of 2013.  I am excited for the album ‘Singularity’ to come out on May 4th on Domino Records.

After posting that I ran into this Oregon Travel ad that also seems very Miyazaki-influenced:

Icey’s Top 16 of 2017

  1. My album of the year is Unkle‘s “The Road, Pt. 1”.  James Lavelle won me back this year, conducting beautiful, cinematic collaborations with many new artists, mixed in with some of his finest beats.
    VennRunes British krautrock with Joy Division influence.
    SpoonHot thoughts Fantastic return with big, dark, driving dancey songs.
    Future IslandsThe Far Field I finally saw the light and became a fan of this Baltimore band with their catchy synth-rock jams.
    Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah – Diaspora One of the three albums this prolific Jazz musician released this year, collaborating with a wealth of artists.
    New Swears – And the Magic of Horses Rootsy party-punk like Fidlar.
    LCD Soundsystem – American Dream NYC band’s return may not have met the hyped expectations, but it is still very good.
    Death From Above – Outrage! is Now
    Racquet Club – S/T The unfocused Jealous Sound fell short for me, so I was happy Blair and Sergie brought back the intensity of Knapsack for this new album.
    Beach Fossils – Somersault Real Estate’s chill style has been bettered this year by Beach Fossils.
    JD McPherson – Undivided Heart&Soul Midwest 50’s rockabilly-soul fusion.
    Versing – Nirvana Shimmering rock from Seattle.
    Pale Honey – Devotion Sexy Swedish minimalist rock.
    L’Orange – The Ordinary Man Del is one of many all-star collaborators on this Tennessee hip-hop producer’s album.
    Blis – No One Loves You Early Sunny Day Real Estate melodies and big Hum-inspired riffs.
    PICTURES – Promise German band channels Black Rebel Motorcycle Club for a stellar album.
    The XX – I See You Another beautiful minimalist rock album by these Brits and a great live show I was fortunate to see in NYC.

Annihilation Teaser Trailer

I loved Alex Garland’s last film ‘Ex Machina’. His latest stars Natalie Portman, is an adaption of a great book and has Geoff Barrow from Portishead doing the soundtrack.

Watch on a big screen, not your IPhone.  It looks stunning.

Ride – Lannoy Point

A week ahead of my most anticipated album of the year, ‘Weather Diaries’, Ride have released another great track off it.  Enjoy and buy the album if you haven’t already.