Leftfield – Leftism 22

The reissue trend can be hit or miss, but in the case of Leftfield, the recent reissue of Leftism (renamed Leftism 22) is a home run. The double disc Deluxe Edition features the remastered album (Neil Barnes and Paul Daley have taken care of remastering duties) on the first CD and a bonus disc of the 11 album tracks remixed. The remastered edition has been beautifully done and fixes what has been one of the biggest challenges for their 1995 debut album: terrible sound. Everything has been cleaned up, turned up, and placed expertly in the mix. The result is a fuller sounding record where you can hear a lot of the subtleties that were missed on the original release. Also check out this short documentary on the recording of Leftism.

The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions

The New Pornographers are back with Whiteout Conditions, the new full-length release on the band’s own Collected Works Records. There’s a refreshingly different sonic approach on this record that amplifies the group’s gift for song hooks and catchy meldoies. I can’t get enough of this relentlessly exuberant, clever, and addictive power pop record, exemplified by the title track “Whiteout Conditions”:

And tracks like “High Ticket Attractions”: