OG Prime by 3A

One of the baddest prime figs to hit yet.  A little pricey, but justifiably so in the art design and material selection.

+actual die cast


Those damn little Be@rs!


Last month, Japanese toy powerhouse Medicom released series 27 of their highly addictive blind-box Be@rbricks and they have finally made their way stateside. Ordering direct seems like an impossible and expensive task due to the fact that their website is in Japanese and, from what I can tell, looks very overpriced. Thankfully, eBay is a much cheaper option.

Two weeks later, my package from Hong Kong arrived and it was time to crack the seal. I don’t know what it is about blind boxes, but I imagine this is, to a somewhat lesser degree, what a junkie considers ‘chasing the dragon.’ The hunt was on.


Right out of the gate, a secret figure is opened! There are 7 “chase” figures in each series, randomly and very sporadically dispersed in the boxes. This was a good sign.


Savoring every package, I took my time opening each one, examining it’s ratio rate and details. Third one in, I opened the one I had been waiting for: Robocop. This was a GOOD box.


With only a handful of duplicates, the entire box was opened. 10 of the 11 regular series figures were revealed, plus TWO secret chase figures! I would have liked to have completed the entire regular series, but am very pleased with the results.


Until next series…

Funko Horror Classics Vinyl Figures


You may or may not know that a couple of the IP contributors are pretty rabid toy fans/collectors. Vinyl blind box figures are pretty hard to collect because of the price, variance and mystery packaging. Plus it seems like everythings got it’s own associated figure line so who possibly has the time or cash to collect them all? This Funko line is one that I just couldn’t pass up, however. I grew up with every one of these creepy horror icons and had to have them all. Now if I can just get my hands on the elusive glow-in-the-dark Jason Voorhees fig.